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Kuhnl & Hoyer 563 Bass trombone


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This is a beautiful bass trombone made in Germany by Kuhnl & Hoyer.  This model has two standard inline rotors made of all nickel silver.  The hand slide is also all nickel and the bell is gold brass. 

The braces on bell and slide are curved, making for a very comfortable grip.  The triggers are ergonomically placed and the rotor throw is short and silent. 

The K&H bell section is lightly braced, making a versatile bass trombone that's not overly heavy.  The 10.2" bell is slightly larger than more common models in the USA, but it makes a nice balance of tone about halfway in between the sound of a smaller bell with either all brass or all nickel hand slides.

Why I like Kuhnl & Hoyer:  in addition to the curved braces and ergonomics and thoughtful design, their standard of workmanship is an order of magnitude higher than the US brands found in the big box stores.  K&H hand slides are absolutely silent and don't need a tune-up.  Their alignment and finish and lacquer are flawless.  This is a higher quality hand-made European heirloom for about the same price as a factory instrument.

Includes mouthpiece and lightweight case. 

Options by special order:

  • brass hand slide
  • straight braces on body and slide


No. 159 25 NZ

  • open wrap, in-line valves
  • gold brass bell
  • bell diameter 260 mm (10.236″)
  • bore 14,3 mm (0.563″)
  • nickel silver slide
  • 2 high-quality nickel silver rotary valves, progressive bore, short throw
  • curved grip brace on body and slide
  • multi-adjustable trigger on both valve levers
  • clear lacquer
  • mouthpiece 1 ½ G

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