New Getzen trombones and Miraphone tubas have arrived

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We offer these services

  • Fine European and American brass instruments
  • Premier cases, mutes, mouthpieces, accessories and sheet music
  • Shipping worldwide
  • Local pick up by appointment


Repair Referrals

  • Glendale: John Mason
    • La Crescenta: Brad Close
      • Whittier: Charles Hargett
        • Claremont: John Sandhagen
          • Chino: Paul Klintworth
            • Fresno: The Horn Shop (559) 276-2247
              • Sacramento: Tim's BI
                • Iowa: Lee Stofer
                  • Georgia: John Upchurch
                    • New Jersey: Dillon Music (732) 634-3399
                    • Maryland:  Baltimore Brass


                      Consignment Referrals

                      We don't have any further local referrals for consigning used instruments.


                      Retail Referrals

                      In Southern California the specialty music store scene has fractured.  Numerous stores have closed or been bought by chains.  Several local brass manufacturers have closed or moved.  People retire, tastes change, brands change.  Horn Guys is selling down its stock as well. 

                      Many remaining SoCal stores are part of several chains, who primarily sell lower-end and student instruments, or just not brass.  That's where the demand and the profit is: younger players.

                      • Sam Ash - several stores are closing
                      • Music & Arts - part of Guitar Center & WWBW
                      • Bertrand's - San Diego HQ
                      • Nick Rail - Santa Barbara HQ


                      There are not many local choices for high-end brass.  The era of a SoCal client saying "I want to try a bunch of Bach/Yamaha/Schilke trumpets or Conn/Hoyer/Yamaha French horns" and having much success is past.  The pro brass market is pretty small and there's little incentive from manufacturers to get local retailers to do it in volume.  Everyone's already busy with more profitable stuff.



                      • The larger brass makers such as Conn-Selmer, Buffet, Yamaha, Jupiter and Eastman are sold online through larger stores such as Music & Arts/Guitar-Center/Musician's-Friend/Woodwind-&-Brasswind, who share access to the same (large) catalog of items.
                      • is a dealer for the above brands, and offers demo deals.
                      • Nick Rail Music says make an appointment at their Agoura Hills store and they'll try to find some pro brass and bring it from their other stores.
                      • Bob Reeves in Santa Clarita makes custom mouthpieces and sells Van Laar, Eastman/Shires, Gard, and some accessories, mostly online.  Limited hours.
                      • Tim's in Tustin has a few instruments.
                      • Yamaha has a local showroom for high-end.
                      • Steve Dillard, in San Diego has used trumpets.
                      • Noah Gladstone,, has historical and collectable trombones.
                      • Beth Mitchell lists some used tubas for sale on her tuba studio forum.
                      • Garabaldi's in Santa Ana imports and sells horns that cater to Banda players, as does International House of Music in DTLA.
                      • Tim's BI in Sacramento is doing good work.
                      • Peninsula Music in San Jose is recommended.
                      • Order online.
                      • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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