The "March" shipment of Marcus Bonna cases should arrive about end of the month. Stay tuned...
Them: "Is this item available?" Us: "If you can 'add-to-cart', yes."

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We do offer these services:

Yes: Fine European brass instruments, premier cases, accessories and sheet music, sales to schools & universities, shipping worldwide.


We do not offer these services; our plates are too full:

Not available: rentals, repairs, lessons, trades, consignment, in-store mouthpiece testing, woodwinds, appraisals, military bids & sales (too many forms), historic instrument expertise, case repair


For brass repair and cleaning, we know these people:

      • Glendale: John Mason
      • La Crescenta: Brad Close
      • Whittier: Charles Hargett
      • Claremont: John Sandhagen
      • Chino: Paul Kilntworth
      • Fresno: The Horn Shop (559) 276-2247
      • Sacramento: Tim's BI
      • Iowa: Lee Stofer
      • Georgia: John Upchurch
      • New Jersey: Dillon Music (732) 634-3399

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