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About The Horn Guys

A Brief History

The Horn Guys is a brass instrument specialty company located in Southern California. Founded by Steve Ferguson in 2000, our goal was to improve the quality of the musical instrument retail environment with specialization in brass instruments and accessories for the high-end enthusiast market. We felt that through effective design, product availability, sales support, and technical service many local musicians could be best satisfied without having to resort to faceless mail order sites. Our current La Crescenta location has been our home since 2004, with an expansion that doubled the size of the store in late 2006. That same year, we purchased the Low Brass Werks from Tony Clements to expand our tuba department and gain import rights to several European brands. From Spring 2010 through 2017, we also operated a second store in Long Beach.  That location is now Long Beach Woodwinds.  In Fall of 2019 we moved to our current location in Pasadena.

Our Social Conscience

Here at The Horn Guys, we do our best to create a culture of sustainable infrastructure. This means that we go beyond our day-to-day personal choices, and look at how businesses can make reductions in waste in all areas. In our facilities, we use fluorescent lighting as well as LED accent lighting for our display cases. Behind the scenes, you'll be glad to know that your instruments and precious cargo are all packed with reused and repurposed shipping materials whenever possible. This drastically cuts down on using virgin plastics and paper, which would both increase the cost and the environmental impact of each horn we sell.

Even beyond the daily workings, Steve, who is an avid cyclist, runs many of our local errands by bike. Tuba cartage gets a bit tricky on a bike, but he has retrieved our jugs of filtered water on his extended cargo frame. Empty bottles and can are collected and donated to a local Boy Scout troop as a fundraiser, and we stockpile any and all shopping bags from other sources in case your hands are just too full to hold all of the mouthpieces and valve oils you just purchased. We hope to lead by example and encourage others to keep as much material out of landfills as possible!

About the Horn Guys

The Horn Guys is one of the few “brass-only” retail outlets in the U.S. We specialize in trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium and tuba. What sets The Horn Guys apart from other retail outlets is our consultative approach to our customers whom we consider friends. We have an outstanding staff of instrument specialists who work with you to find the best fit for your music needs, be it an instrument, mouthpiece, case, sheet music or any item in our wide selection. We offer superior customer service, which makes us the best choice for all brass musicians from beginner to professional.

About Our Pricing

The Horn Guys makes every effort to provide the best possible pricing. From time to time, a customer may find that our prices are slightly higher on some items. This is due to the fact that we are one of the few specialty retailers that maintain physical locations where our customers can try out instruments, mutes, mouthpieces and other equipment and rely on the customer service and expertise we provide. We offer direct personalized service in our stores, by telephone and via email. There are no call centers or complicated websites to navigate. Our customers are our highest priority.

Meet The Horn Guy

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