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Kuhnl & Hoyer Orchestra Signature Bass Trombone with Open-Flow Rotors


Item Details

The K&H Orchestra Signature bass trombone is a premier instrument custom made in Markt Erlbach, Bavaria, Germany.  The modular system allows customization to your preferences.  This is one of very few bass trombones featuring the new Meinlschmidt Open-Flow rotary valves.  These rotors are remarkable, and when mated to a fine German instrument like the Kuhnl & Hoyer, it's captivating.

This model with inline rotors in F/Gb/D is the modern setup for the most agility in the low range by permitting independent use of either rotor.  A slightly more resistant response enhances the highs in the tone, giving more center.  The pedal tones may feel more resistant compared to the stacked rotor setup, but not much. 

Extra attention is paid to ergonomics on these trombones.  The hand slide features a curved brace and the bell section has an additional curved brace behind the first trigger paddle.  The second trigger paddle is curved to fit more comfortably and a clever hand rest supports the back of the player's left hand.  We do two custom bends to the triggers to shorten the throw of the first rotor and increase comfort for the second rotor.

Also included is an adjustable hand rest to help support the weight of the instrument on the back of your hand, see the last photos.  Even without the hand rest, when you set the slide and bell angle just right, you can settle into holding a comfortably curvy bass trombone that's well balanced.

Features & Specs

  • .563" brass hand slide with nickel trim, wide brass crook, removable mouthpipe
  • Ergonomic grip and curved hand braces
  • Inline Meinlschmidt Open-Flow rotors with all nickel casing and weighted cap
  • Open wrap in F/Gb/D with lightweight bracing
  • Unbraced tuning slide
  • Nickel inner and outer sleeves
  • Modular 240mm yellow brass bell with unsoldered rim
  • Includes adjustable hand rest
  • Includes K&H 7.6D mouthpiece and Protec MAX case



There's hardly a better bass trombone than this one.  The K&H is closer to fitting human hands than most.  The presence of sound is that balance of center and breadth and liveliness that made us love the Minick trombones back in the day.  This trombone is that style, but done in a modern way and with top of the guild workmanship .  It's really next level.



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