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Kuhnl & Hoyer Orchestra Signature Bass Trombone with Inline Rotors


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The K&H Orchestra Signature bass trombone is a premier instrument custom made in Markt Erlbach, Bavaria, Germany.  The modular system allows customization to your preferences.  This is one of very few bass trombones featuring the new Meinlschmidt Open-Flow rotary valves.  These rotors are remarkable, and when mated to a fine German instrument like the Kuhnl & Hoyer, it's captivating.

This model with inline rotors in F/Gb/D is the modern setup for the most agility in the low range by permitting independent use of either rotor.  A slightly more resistant response enhances the highs in the tone, giving more center.  The pedal tones may feel more resistant compared to the stacked rotor setup.

Extra attention is paid to ergonomics.  The hand slide features a curved brace and the bell section has an additional curved brace behind the first trigger paddle.  The second trigger paddle is curved to fit comfortable and an additional hand brace is available to support the back of the player's left hand.


  • Modular components for your preferred setup
  • Most ergonomic grip and hand brace
  • Optional screw bell flare for compact travel
  • Meinlschmidt Open-Flow rotors, inline in F/Gb/D
  • Removable mouthpipe
  • Unsoldered bell rim bead
  • Lightweight acoustic bracing
  • Flawless construction and component action


  • Brass or nickel hand slide with removable leadpipe
  • Yellow or gold 9.5" bell, or gold XL bell
  • Fixed bell flare includes Bags of Spain case
  • Screw bell flare includes Marcus Bonna case
  • Optional hand brace - this is worthy

Bell Weights

  • Yellow Brass L 19.1 oz.
  • Gold Brass XL 20.2 oz.
  • Yellow Brass L with Screw Flare 22.0 oz.
  • Gold Brass L with Screw Flare 21.5 oz.

How to Choose

  • Classical symphonic style: all brass, yellow brass bell, fixed or screw flare, brass slide
  • George Roberts, Holton style: gold & nickel, XL gold brass bell, nickel slide
  • Commercial Conn style:  gold & nickel, screw flare L gold brass bell, brass slide
  • Classical Soloist - gold & brass, gold brass bell with screw flare, brass slide


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