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Updated January 30, 2023

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Eb Alto Trombones





In Stock?

 Adams TBA1 Eb Alto New 3136
 Adams TBA2 Eb-Bb Alto New 3773
Kuhnl & Hoyer
122 Gold New 2349
JP Rath 236 Eb Alto New 1110
John Packer UK JP039 Bb Slide Trumpet New 425

Getzen Slide Trumpet Used 425
Jurgen Voigt J-711 Eb Alto New 3695


 Small Tenor Trombones

Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Alexander 19GL C Bass Trumpet New 5995 March
Bach New York 6 .485", 7" bell circa 1940 Used B 1495
Bach TB301 New 1539
Conn 6H Elkhart Used 1795
Conn 4H with 44H Vocabell Used 345
daCarbo Carbon Bell .509", 8" bell New 4925
John Packer UK JP031 - Student New 351
King 2102PL Used A- 1300
Kuhnl & Hoyer Bart Van Lier 480/88 MKII New 2775
Kuhnl & Hoyer Bart van Lier 500 New 2725 Mar.
Kuhnl & Hoyer
Bart van Lier 512 New 2750
Kuhnl & Hoyer Bart van Lier 512F New 3795 Feb.
Martin Committee - .481" bore Used 895
Schmelzer Model 1 .500"/7.5" silver & gold plate New 2895
NEW Schmelzer Model 2 8" .508"/8" gold plate New 2895


Medium & Large Tenor Trombones

 Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Adams TB1 Select, Open Flow Valve New 3667
Bach A47 Artisan Bell Only: B42G New 1249
Bach A47 Artisan Hand Slide Large Bore, Fixed leadpipe, .562" NOS 1049
Bach A47 Artisan Tuning Slide, Yellow Brass or Nickel New 347
Bach 42BOF Open Flow New 4639
Bach 42BOFNLP Open Flow New 4639


88H/62H Hand Slide SLF562: LW Bronze, .562", Fixed Leadpipe New 1049
NEW Getzen Custom Series 3047AF Axial New 4899
332O .547" Bb/F New 1962


Bass Trombones

Sorry about that, low bass trombone stock is not ideal, but I don't have much in the queue.  One maker changed their design which created a problem, two other makers have a one-year wait for an instrument, and some makers are too obscure or I don't have patience for them.  Major brands of bass trombones can be found online at Guitar Center, Amazon and Sweetwater.  Yes really.
 Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Kuhnl & Hoyer 563 2V Inline Bass New 4895
SOLD Kuhnl & Hoyer Orchestra Signature Bass w/Screw Flare New 6035


Contrabass Trombones

 Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
NEW Miraphone 670 BBb Bb/F, gold brass, LW slide, w/case New 9600
NEW Miraphone 670G CC C/G/Ab/Bb/E 2V, gold brass, LW slide w/case New 10900
 Jurgen Voigt J-173 F F/C/Db/A dual Hagman, 280mm bell, yellow brass, Lions bag New 9740 May
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