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John Packer UK JP031 Tenor Trombone

$387.00 $449.00

Item Details

The JP031 Bb Trombone is John Packer Limited's entry level medium bore Bb trombone. With a high performance to price ratio, it has achieved a reputation for longevity and durability within the UK education sector. The instrument's medium bore offers versatility with little resistance and its 8" bell gives players great sound projection.
The JP031 Bb Trombone is supplied with a JP601 mouthpiece and lightweight case. The case is well designed and attractively styled with eye catching colours and a reflective safety strap and ergonomic carry handle. The case also includes a small storage pocket accessible from the outside of the case. This enables players to store small accessories and sheet music with their instrument.
Manufactured to a high quality standard as is expected with all JP Instruments, The JP031 Bb Trombone is guaranteed for 12 months against faulty manufacturing or materials and is fully tested prior to sale.


Steve's review: 
Not many will confuse this new JP trombone with some of our top offerings, but this is a terrific instrument for the money.  This would be a fine instrument for a beginning or intermediate player on a budget.  The sound is nice, the projection is very good, the slotting is secure, it's very pleasant to play.  The JP does have some traits reminiscent of the classic Conn 6H trombone, which we like; liveliness being one.  The hand slide action is a little noisy, and likely always will make a little noise, but with some cleaning and Trombotine, the action is very decent.  Spare parts are easy to find in the USA, as they are now stocked at Allied Supply in Wisconsin.  The case, in red and blue with backpack straps, is light and easy to carry.


  • Key : Bb
  • Bore : Medium bore (.500")
  • Bell : 8" Yellow Brass Bell
  • Slide : Yellow Brass
  • Tuning slide : Yellow Brass
  • Waterkeys : 1
  • Finish : Lacquer
  • Additional features : Bell Ring
  • Supplied with : JP601 Mouthpiece, Lightweight case

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