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Adams TBA1 Eb Alto Trombone

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Heribert Glassl was one of the great German instrument craftsman of the 20th century.  Along with his fiberglass tubas, Glassl's best known instruments to this day include his Eb alto trombones. 

Upon Glassl's retirement, Miel Adams purchased this design from him, and now Adams offers you the classic Glassl in a modern hand-crafted version.  Response, tone pitch, and finish are all wonderful.  Everything is improved, including the ergonomics.  This is a modern trombone with a great classic sound, now made to a higher standard.  Look to Miel Adams to be one of the great instrument craftsmen of the 21st century.  Made in the Netherlands, custom options available.

Adams TBA1 - Standard Specs

  • Key: Eb
  • Bell: 1-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell 180mm/7.08"
  • Slide: Nickel silver 12.2mm/.480" bore
  • Receiver: standard small shank tenor trombone
  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Gauge: 0.55mm/0.022"
  • Brass tuning slide bow
  • Gard gig bag - includes backpack straps and rain cover (not shown)
  • Mouthpiece: bring your own

Photos show a custom model with gold bell and Sterling silver tuning bow.


    Heribert Glassl (1930-2009) 

    In this video Heribert Glassl speaks about living in the Czech Sudetenland at age fifteen and being forced back to Germany in 1946.  I visited with Herr Glassl at length and it still impresses upon me to have heard his first-hand account of the times.


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