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Woodwind Design carbon stands are in stock

WoodWind Design Carbon Flugelhorn Stand

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This beautiful lightweight stand is made of strong carbon fiber but weighs nearly nothing.

This new flugelhorn stand follows the same design as the stands for clarinet, but with some important adaptations to cope with the specific requirements of this instrument.

The base of the stand is a synthetic cylinder with 4 small holes and one larger hole. The small holes hold 4 carbon legs with little magnets, the holes themselves also have a  magnet.

The large hole contains one wide nearly vertical carbon tube. On the "vertical" tube two adjustable synthetic rings with felt protection secure the perfect fit to any instrument. When the instrument is put on the stand with the center of gravity directly above the central part of the stand,  the combination is extremely stable. It may look awkward, but it is the logical way to build a brass stand: In this way WoodWindDesign stands use the weight and the asymmetrical build of the instrument instead of compensating for it with extra weight in the stand.

For transportation the carbon fiber legs can be removed from the base and stored in the central tube.  The complete stand fits for transportation inside the instrument.

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