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AlphaSynth Trombone Hand Slide Lubricant


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Superslick’s Alpha Synth Trombone Hand Slide Lubricant is a unique formula that is designed to be used sparingly. A little bit goes a long way. Clean the inner slide before application and simply apply a drop or two to each stocking, spread with your fingers across the entire inner slide tube and spritz with distilled water. Refresh with water as needed. Cleans easily when reapplication is required. Most importantly, AlphaSynth is completely safe for classroom use. Made in Elkhart, Indiana, USA.

"Professional musician, educator and repair shop approved, Alpha Synth is the new standard for synthetic lubricants. Give it a try and you’ll see why it’s the leader of the pack."

15ml bottle

Notes From inside the House

I did a slide lubricant test today 9.21.22 to see what this was all about.  I had a brand new, straight but somewhat balky Bach 42 hand slide.  Good quality, but these make noise.  I tried these lubricants:

  • Trombotine - My favorite for noisy slides, nearly the fastest action but also very quiet and long lasting, but takes a few minutes to apply.

  • Superslick Cream - about as slick as Trombotine, but somewhat stickier.  Less expensive but easier to over-apply, which makes things slow.

  • Rapid Comfort - Very thin lubricant, needs more frequent reapplication, doesn't quiet a noisy slide, can be applied on top of most other thicker lubes.

  • Ultra Pure - My favorite of the liquid lubricants lately, a bit more gelatinous than Rapid Comfort, can be applied on top of most other thicker lubes.

  • Alpha Synth - This is thicker than the liquid lubricants but is not quite a cream.  It splits the difference between Trombotine and Ultra Pure.  With a little effort it feels nearly as fast as either.  Even a very thin coating shows how hydrophobic this synthetic substance is, as the water from a spray bottle immediately crazes on the chrome tubes.  This is what we want.  The water is the bearing that provides the smooth floaty feel we crave.  Add Ultrapure or similar on top for extra slipperiness.  It's worth trying; I'll experiment more with my own trombones.  Slightly more work to apply than the liquids, the action is nearly as good but likely longer-lasting.

  • Yamaha 1021 - This is more difficult to source; Yamaha changed how they distribute in the US.  The big box stores have it.  It's very good, the thickest of the liquid lubes, in between Ultrapure and Alpha Synth.  I didn't test any today but I've hoarded a few bottles to keep close at hand.



  • Use only distilled water in your spray bottle.
  • Dry the hand slide tubes, inside and outside, before putting the trombone away for any length of time.

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