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AlphaSynth Trombone Advantage Pack

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Superslick’s AlphaSynth Trombone Advantage Pack is loaded with high quality lubricants to maintain the longevity and function of any trombone with F-attachment. The pack includes AlphaSynth Rotor Oil that will clean as it lubricates any rotor, Key & Linkage Oil to help lubricate the spindle and linkage on the instrument, Hand Slide Lube with fine mist spray bottle for long-lasting slide action, and Tuning Slide Grease. All AlphaSynth products are completely safe for classroom use. Made in Elkhart, Indiana, USA.

Professional musician, educator and repair shop approved, AlphaSynth is the new standard for synthetic lubricants. Give it a try and you’ll see why it’s the leader of the pack.

  • Superslick’s AlphaSynth Valve & Rotor Oil is the perfect balance between odorless high quality synthetic lubricants and a synthetic solvent, blended to a light viscosity. This unique balance cleans the valve or rotor while lubricating so that the player can keep on playing! The lubricant also will not stain and has a high resistance to oxidation.

  • Superslick’s AlphaSynth Key & Linkage Oil is a high quality, long lasting lubricant designed to be used on woodwind keys or linkages, ball joints or hinges on brass instruments. The needle-point tip applicator ensures accurate placement of small drops, even into small openings on an intricate instrument. It also provides outstanding wear, rust and corrosion protection along with oxidation stability.

  • Superslick’s AlphaSynth Trombone Handslide Lube is an incredibly unique formula that is designed to be used sparingly. A little bit goes a long way! Clean the inner slide before application and simply apply a drop or two to each stocking, spread with your fingers across the entire inner slide tube and spritz with distilled water. Refresh with water as needed. Cleans easily when reapplication is required.

  • Superslick’s AlphaSynth Tuning Slide Grease contains high quality base synthetic components and creates a nice balance between tuning slide lubrication and friction to remain in place. The long-lasting formula also resists oxidation and corrosion on slides. Conveniently filled in a small tub, AlphaSynth Tuning Slide Grease makes it easy to apply the desired amount on tuning slides for your application, while still fitting easily in the instrument case.

  • Superslick Fine Mist Spray Bottle

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