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Moosewood Horn Mouthpiece Rim


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The revered Moosewood line is now produced by Atkinson Brass.

These are threaded French horn mouthpiece rims designed by Tom Greer, master mouthpiece maker and founder of Moosewood Mouthpieces.  These rims are designed to properly mate with Moosewood cups.  This two-piece mouthpiece system allows you to keep the same embouchure and rim feel while adjusting the cup size to tailor your horn's response to your needs and your comfort.

All rims are silver plated.  Rims have standard Giardinelli threads.

  *Note: Moosewood horn cups and rims are sold separately.



Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Rim Thickness Description
M1 Medium 17.15mm Medium Narrow Medium 3.8mm Dave Stoller, medium curved
M2 Medium 17.15mm Medium Med. Thin 3.7mm Cushion rim, medium curved
M4 Medium Wide 17.5mm Medium Wide Medium 4mm Bill Vermeulen rim, medium curved
M5 Medium Wide 17.5mm Medium Wide Medium 4mm Medium concave rim contour
M6       Medium round
N Medium 17.15mm Narrow 24mm Narrow 3.5mm Narrow round
R1 Narrow 17mm Narrow 24mm Round Round inner edge, narrow
R2 Medium 17.3mm Medium 24.7mm Round Round inner edge, medium
R3 Wide 18mm Wide 25.4mm Round Round inner edge, wide
R4       Round inner edge
R5       Round inner edge
W4       Wide, thin
W6       Wide, medium thick



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