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Moosewood Horn Mouthpiece Cup


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The revered Moosewood line is now produced by Atkinson Brass.

These are threaded mouthpiece cups without rim,  designed by Tom Greer, master mouthpiece maker of Moosewood mouthpieces and currently made by Atkinson Brass.  These cups are designed to properly mate with Moosewood rims.  This two-piece mouthpiece system allows you to keep the same embouchure and rim feel while adjusting the cup size to tailor your horn's response to your needs and your comfort.

  • The A & C model cups are designed specifically for Kruspe and other large throat horns.  Rims have standard Giardinelli threads.
  • Cups are silver plated.
  • Cups use the standard shank unless noted in the drop down menu.


 *Note: Moosewood horn cups and rims are sold separately.


Model Bore Depth Backbore Description
A 11 23.7mm A Medium dark sound without sacrifice of tone. Classic mouthpiece design.
AH 12 Deep V custom Dark, from original 1928 Anton Horner mouthpiece, deep double cup. Huge tone, limited edge. Also excellent in Natural Horns.
AL 2 Deep V custom Largest cup
B 12 21.4mm A Most popular Moosewood cup, medium size, original Thomas Greer design.
BD 20 medium shallow D Descant horn, for Baroque and chamber work.
BV (B16) 16 21.4mm A Bill VerMeulen cup.
BVA 16 21.4 A Euro shank Bill VerMeulen cup.
BW 12 21.4mm A Similar to model B, but with large diameter cup. Wide open sound and very free blowing
C 4, 6, 8, or 10
25.4mm A Modeled after a 1950 original James Chambers mouthpiece. Excellent in Kruspe style horns.  Dark, powerful, esp. good choice for orchestral/studio playing
C "NSP" 1 25.4mm custom All-time secret formula. Smoothest-responding studio mouthpiece on the planet.
D 6 28.5mm A Very deep, smaller cup volume than model AL. Very flexible.
DB 11 Dennis Brain cup
E 5 medium A Medium cup with large bore, ideal orchestral and studio mouthpiece.  Very quick response, powerful Fortes, easy Pianos.
F Farkas Tuckwell style
JA 8 medium A Jim Atkinson cup.  Favorite solo mouthpiece of this well-known LA studio musician. Farkas cup variant.
JB       Dell'Osa style as made for John Barrows
L 8 medium deep L (original long bore) Jeffrey Lang (Philadelphia) Model, Medium-deep Chambers variant. Flexible & potent.
MJ       Dell'Osa style Mason Jones cup

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