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Hans Hoyer Heritage 6802GA-L Gold Brass Double Horn

$6,375.00 $8,461.00

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The Hans Hoyer 6802 Heritage Series French Horns are for players who are looking for the large dark “studio” sound without compromising control. The design was developed in close cooperation with some of the most influential and renowned artists in the world.

This is the Kruspe model, a classic German design, hand made in Germany.  In the same fashion as the Conn 8D, Yamaha 668, this German horn has the distinctive Kruspe change valve, tight wrap, and large throat bell.  The Kruspe design also adds its F-extension tubing in two segments on both sides of the valve set, which should improve handling on the F side. 

The Hoyer double horns are available in all gold brass.  This metal adds a very distinctive rose color to the entire instrument.  All parts are either gold brass or nickel.  In performance, the gold brass adds a warmth and breadth of tone that is simply captivating to hear and see.  A little less beef, more shimmer.

All rotors are traditional string linkage.  While not completely care-free, string is quiet and has a soft feel and you can adjust the key levers higher or lower.


  • Key : F/Bb
  • Model : Heritage
  • Bore : .468" / 11,90 mm
  • Bell : 12.204" / 310 mm
  • Valves : 4 conical rotary valves, traditional string linkage system
  • Features : All gold brass body and lead pipe, hand-hammered extra-large (XL) throat bell (screw), adjustable thumb lever
  • Finish : Clear lacquer
  • Outfit : Mouthpiece, rotor oil, slide grease, torx/Alan wrenches, cleaning cloth, lightweight backpack-style case
  • High and low pitch main slides included
  • Clear lacquer, gold brass, detachable bell
  • 1-year Horn Guys warranty

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