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Paxman Series 4 Double Horn


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Paxman Series 4 Full Double Horn
The Series 4 is based on Paxman's very successful Series 3 and shares many of its characteristics. It also incorporates several features usually reserved for top level professional instruments such as a detachable bell for easy traveling and storage. It also comes with a water key on the lead-pipe for quick and easy way to empty water when time doesn't allow for you to pull the slide out. A protective nickel hand guard  helps protect the tail of the bell from wear that comes from the hand being in constant contact with the metal. And the nickel silver valve casings gives the instrument much more durability and a longer life. This is a perfect horn for anyone going to college to study music and needing the next level instrument but aren't ready to purchase a professional level horn for $9,000 or more.

The bell is medium large bore, the perfect size for this particular design of instrument. The series 4 is made in yellow brass which gives it that classic warmth that everyone loves about the french horn, yet has the flexibility to add plenty of color for an exciting and energetic sound. The wrap is based on a Geyer style, which is more open than a Kruspe (8D) type of wrap and makes it more free blowing. It comes with a movable thumb lever and adjustable finger hook for a more comfortable and personalized fit for any sized or shaped hand without the need to go to your local repairman to un-solder and re-solder the finger hook or reshape the thumb lever
The Series 4 comes with a clear lacquer finish and a back-pack styled case.


WARRANTY: Paxman Musical Instruments gives a two year  limited warranty on all new instruments. This does not cover accidental damage or lacquer wear.

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