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Ferguson M-Series Tuba Mouthpiece

$175.00 $225.00

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This is a replica of a tuba mouthpiece made by Larry Minick in Los Angeles.  Mr. Minick was a great custom horn and mouthpiece maker.  He's especially noted for his trombones, as many features of modern bass trombones are based on Minick designs.  Our replica mouthpieces are made in Los Angeles by James New in Utah.

This tuba mouthpiece is for the soloist with a light touch.  The cup diameter is about 32.4mm.  Our inside rim edge is fairly well defined, with a slide rounded shape towards the outside.  Weight is 258g, with an outer shape that puts more of the weight toward the bottom of the cup near the throat.  Depth is about 35mm, and the throat is 8.2mm,  Cup shape is conical, voluminous, with a defined shoulder above the backbore.

Due to the sharper inside edge of the rim, this may feel a bit narrower than the dimensions indicate.  The positive is that you should gain some flexibility with less pressure necessary.  Denis Wick and Greg Black mouthpieces are of a similar rim shape.

This mouthpiece, though fairly deep, is terrific on F tubas.  Players using larger instruments may prefer a larger size mouthpiece for extended low range playing.

The Ferguson 1 tuba mouthpiece is available in silver plate.

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