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Engelbert Schmid F/BbF Triple Horn, Used


Item Details

This is a custom triple horn built by Engelbert Schmid in Germany for a client of ours who has retired from playing.  The Schmid triple horn is a marvel.  Seven rotors make it work.  F/Bb/F are your keys, simply press the upper button for high F and the lower button for low F.  The string linkages are reversible to suit your style.

Schmid also makes an F/Bb/Eb triple horn.  The advantage of this high F model is the distinctive descant tone of the high side.  The high Eb side is more mellow, but not as brilliant for the soloist.

Unique to the Schmid is the construction of the rotor set, which is done in one piece.  This way, with twelve solder joints and six ferrules removed, there is less turbulence between the rotors.  Schmid's smaller diameter rotors follow his theory of the air spending more time in the open tube and less time within the rotors.

The Schmid's main Bb slide has an extension bridge that can be removed for B or extended to A, giving you several transposition options.

In very good condition with finish flaws.  Professionally cleaned and restored by Paul Klintworth.  Blemishes include significant lacquer loss in one part of the bell tail, some dents removed.  Bell flare has scratches, marks and small dings, normal signs of use for some years.  Some acid bleed/tarnish at bell rim.  Bell ring threads are fine.

Weight: 5.75 lbs.  (0.3 lbs lighter than a Paxman compensating triple)


  • Full triple horn F/Bb/F
  • Body of yellow brass, nickel leadpipe
  • M bell, screw flare
  • Fixed finger hook
  • Includes the mounting bracket for the Schmid flipper, but cinch bolt and flipper are not included
  • Includes fixed bell gig bag, Schilke 31B mouthpiece in silver plate

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