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Engelbert Schmid Double Horn


Item Details

This is a lightweight custom double horn built by master horn maker Engelbert Schmid in Mindelzell, Germany. Schmid instruments are played by top musicians around the world.  Besides being a work of art and fabricated to the highest standards, the Schmid double horn has several unique features...

Valve Set

The valve set is fabricated as one piece, so there are no joints in the curved tubes between each rotor.  The rotors are smaller diameter for light weight and so the air-wave spends less time in the rotor and more time in the open tube.

Tuning Adjustments

The B-flat side of the Engelbert Schmid double horn can be lowered to A or raised to B. through adjustment of the the Bb slide ladder extension.  On the B-natural horn you can play E-horn passages as if they were in E-flat, such as Weber Concertino, Danzi Concerto, Fidelio, Thieving Magpie Overture, and Cosi fan tutte.

Choice of Metals and Bells

Schmid offers 5 bell tapers, though most players choose the medium size, also called the Golden Cut.  Yellow brass is the default metal but gold brass or nickel horns can be built upon request.  The standard bell flare is unadorned, or choose the hand hammered flare with beautifully engraved garland.  All Schmid horns are built with screw flare unless requested otherwise.  The hammered flare is harder, lighter, and stronger at the screw ring, giving slightly more brilliance of tone.  The garland (kranz) is not only decorative but balances the difference in bell weight, its nickel adds brilliance to the sound.

A Horn to Fit You

The medium size body and light weight make these easy to play and hold.  The string linkage offers some adjustment of the key levers.  The finger hook is adjustable, and a discreet hand rest flipper takes the stress and weight off your hand.


 We usually order them like this:

  • Medium bell "Golden Cut"
  • Yellow brass body
  • String linkage
  • Stands in Bb or F
  • Lacquer finish
  • Screw flare
  • 2 water keys
  • hand hammered, seamed bell flare
  • Engraved nickel bell garland
  • Adjustable finger hook
  • Flipper


Or choose the above horn with the standard bell

  • Plain bell flare without garland
  • Lower price
  • Sound is slightly more stable and weightier


Here is the least expensive setup, the Base Model:

  • unlacquered, polished raw brass finish
  • screw bell or fixed bell
  • no water keys
  • fixed finger hook
  • standard bell flare


Additional options available by quotation

  • Kompakt model - smaller taper like an Alexander
  • Gold brass body - adds warmth and malleability
  • A stopping valve
  • Nickel body - adds brilliance and highs to the sound
  • different bell flares
  • Sterling silver leadpipe
  • additional water keys
  • ball & socket linkage

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