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Best Brass Warm-Up Mute for Trumpet


Item Details

This is a premier practice mute for trumpet made by Best Brass in Japan.  It's crafted from spun aluminum with a brushed finish.  Its small size allows you to store the mute inside the bell of your trumpet inside the case.  This makes travel more convenient and also helps protect the trumpet inside the case.  The protection comes from the mute preventing the trumpet from shifting inside the case, and it keeps the bell flare some distance from the case edge.  With the mute installed, the trumpet is well supported from deep in the bell throat, which is stronger than the relatively fragile bell flare.

This mute is one of the softest in volume that we've seen.  It does have a bit more resistance than some other mutes, but they all play much louder as well.  This one really allows you to play in secret.  The Best Brass has a nice resonance and clarity of tone, so it's easy to hear yourself without over blowing.  The feel is even from the top to the bottom of the range.

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