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Spacefiller Ultimate TS Tuning Slide & Trombone Lubricant

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Spacefiller Ultimate TS is a thick lubricant for slides or bearings with the distinction that it does not stain your clothes.  This is the perfect linkage lubricant for the trombonist with a rotary valve near his shirt color.

A pioneer in brass lubrication, Spacefiller™ Quality Lubricants were developed to be the first ‘true’ synthetic lubricant for brass instruments. Many legacy lubricants are primarily based with petroleum distillates, have a strong odor, evaporate fairly quickly, and leave a residue that tends to ‘gunk’ up valves, rotors, and casings over time. Spacefiller™ Quality Lubricants are completely non-toxic, odorless and practically eliminate that problem.

In the development of Spacefiller™ Ultimate TS, a slide lubricant for tuning and trombone hand slides was needed with supreme coating characteristics and high-water repellency for longevity. Additionally, Ultimate TS does not have a greasy-feel and spreads extremely well around the slides, making a little bit of lubricant go a very long way.

Before use, clean slides with mild dish detergent and warm water using a cotton cloth and favorite cleaning brush. Dry well.

Tuning Slides

Apply a few drops of Ultimate TS at the end of the inner tuning slides. Return the tuning slide to its original position, wiping any excess off.

Hand Slides

If used on trombone hand slides, apply just a few drops to the stocking of the inner slides, gently wipe a little bit off and spritz with distilled water before returning it to the instrument, being careful to return the slide to its original position on the instrument.

Bearings & Linkages

Use to quiet rotary valve linkages and bearings.  Anything external on your horn that moves, this is a good lubricant.

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