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Slide-O-Mix Trombone Lubricant is a two-part liquid slide lubricant which has revolutionized trombone lubrication. Slide-O-Mix gives your slide fantastic action. With Slide-O-Mix, there is no sticking or dragging of the slide.   There is no gumminess.  It is very economical to use, and there are no mistakes in application habits. Single bottles are available separately as needed, depending on how you choose to apply it.

Its a simple idea.  The large bottle is a soapy water mix and the small bottle is a silicone product.  Use both products together for the slipperiest slide action ever.

Here in the office we tend to do it like this:

  • Apply a 4" (10cm) line of the large bottle liquid on each inside slide tube.
  • Work the inside and outside slides together.
  • Optional: gently wipe excess off the inside tubes.
  • Apply one drop of the small bottle liquid to each stocking.
  • Spray with distilled water as necessary.


In some cases, for problem slides with tight clearances, a thinner film is helpful. For that situation, consider Slide-O-Mix Light

Slide-O-Mix is the lubricant of choice for many internationally well known trombone players and can be found in the top orchestras.  Slide-O-Mix is non-toxic and a non-irritant.  Store at room temperature. Protect Slide-O-Mix from frost and from temperatures higher than 60C (140F).

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