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SKB 360 Small Tenor Trombone Case

$156.00 $216.00

Item Details

The SKB Straight Tenor Trombone case provides excellent protection at a remarkable price. Fits small bore straight tenors with 8" bell.  Lifetime warranty.  Convenient D-rings for shoulder strap attachment.  If your trombone has removable mouthpipes like Shires, Kanstul, or Getzen trombones, exercise caution when closing the case.  The mouthpipe threads and the bell flare get very close.  We recommend a small cloth placed in the case in between these parts to prevent injuries from rough handling.

  • Perfect fit valances with D-Ring for strap
  • Innovative bumper designs create stand-up stability
  • Molded-in bumpers add strength and protect valances
  • Interior compartment for storing accessories

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