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Schilke Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece

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For more than a generation, Schilke trombone mouthpiece models have been accepted as the top choice for the serious trombone or euphonium player. These classic models feature comfortable rim profiles and unique cup shapes.

Size mm Inch Throat Notes
40B 22.51 .886 15/64 (.2344″) Extremely small inner rim diameter and shallow “B” cup. This mouthpiece, with its wide-rounded rim, works well for the trumpet player who doubles on trombone.
40 22.53 .887 15/64 (.2344″) Since the cup diameter is small, the upper register is improved. In addition, the tone has considerable projection. It is excellent for the bass trumpet and valve trombone.
42B 22.99 .921 15/64 (.2344″) Contour profile – this mouthpiece is well suited for the small tenor trombone and lead/commercial playing.
42 23.22 .914 15/64 (.2344″) Slightly larger diameter and deeper than the 42B, the 42 features a standard “C” cup.
43A 23.57 .924 15/64 (.2344″) Contour profile – this mouthpiece was designed for the lead trombone player desiring an easy high register.
44E4 24.28 .956 15/64 (.2344″) Though a small cup diameter, this mouthpiece offers a very deep “E” cup and semi-flat #4 rim.
45B 24.3 .953 15/64 (.2344″) Contour profile – designed for the lead trombone player with a larger cup volume than the 43A.
45 24.38 .960 15/64 (.2344″) The semi-flat rim has a high point close to the center of the mouthpiece which allows for a great deal of flexibility. Ideally suited for the beginner trombone player.
46 24.54 .966 15/64 (.2344″) Slightly larger than the 45, this is also a good beginner’s mouthpiece.
46D 24.76 .975 15/64 (.2344″) The cup diameter and volume is slightly larger than the 46, producing a full, resonant tone. Also recommended for the younger baritone/euphonium player.
47B 24.87 .979 C (.242″) Contour profile – This mouthpiece is a good all-around mouthpiece for the jazz player that is requiring quick response and a resonant high register.
47 24.99 .984 15/64 (.2344″) For both professionals and students alike, this outstanding mouthpiece combines good response with superior tone quality and intonation.
47C4 25.1 .988 15/64 (.2344″) Like #47 but with a slightly wider, semi-flat #4 rim.
50 25.4 1.00 17/64 (.2656″) Particularly adapted to the medium and large-bore tenor trombones.  The Schilke standard options make this a fine all- around mouthpiece.
50C4 25.4 1.00 F (.257″) The medium-deep cup and medium-wide rim make this mouthpiece an outstanding choice for medium and large-bore tenor trombones, combining a rich, full sound with a high level of efficiency and playability.
51B 25.63 1.010 F (.257″) This mouthpiece incorporates a large diameter with a medium-small “B” cup and small throat
51 25.63 1.010 J (.277″) A large bowl shaped cup producing a rich tone quality. Ideally suited for large bore tenor and orchestral performers.
51C4 25.63 1.010 J (.277″) Similar to the #51 with a slightly shallower cup and semi-flat #4 rim.
51D 25.55 1.005 J (.277″) One of our most popular, this mouthpiece offers a very large “D” cup and is excellent for the strong player. It is particularly suited for the Euphonium, producing a full dark tone.



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