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Schilke Horn Mouthpiece

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The Schilke French Horn mouthpiece line was developed in collaboration with professional players and colleagues of Renold O. Schilke. These models were later determined to fill a specific need in the horn community from student, educator, to professional player. The rims and cups shape provide variety of options for the soloist, chamber, or orchestral hornist.  In silver plate.


Model Diameter (mm) Diameter (inch) Throat
27 16.25 0.64 16/ .177

A narrow diameter and thin rim creates a special mouthpiece for the first horn player.


28 16.15 0.636 26/ .147

A true “French” model mouthpiece having a small cup and throat that definitely favors the high register. Recommended for the Descant Horn.


29 17.53 0.69 17/ .173

Offers a balanced option that is very adaptable to both the younger player and the professional needing a stronger upper register with a large rim diameter, standard rim contour, cup, and smaller bore.


30B 16.92 0.666 14/182

This model was designed with a smaller “B” style cup and thin, flat rim.


30 17.03 0.67 17/ .173

The original Farkas Model, the wide rounded rim and fairly deep cup makes the 30 a good all-around mouthpiece for the experienced player.


30C2 17.03 0.67 8/ .199

Based on a standard design, this mouthpiece has an excellent response in high or low range and a free-blowing feel. Recommended for both professional and developing players alike.


31 17.14 0.675 13/ .185

This model has a V shaped cup, thicker standard rim and a slightly larger diameter to aid in producing a greater volume of sound.


31B 17.4 0.687 14/ .182

A wide rim with a higher center point and a medium depth bowl shaped cup produces a rich, dark tone.


31C2 17.43 0.688 14/ .182

The 31C2 has a very thin rim and medium-large cup offering a great volume of tone.


32 17.83 0.702 2/ .221

The extra large cup diameter, cup volume, and backbore produces a rich, dark tone color.


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