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Robert Tucci Chops Dyno Tuba Mouthpiece Tonal Enhancement System


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New for 2021 from Robert Tucci in Germany is this set of tools for use with your tuba mouthpiece.  These adjust resistance, enhance tone and increase efficiency.

The Chops Dyno System consists of four silver plated thin-wall brass tubes of differing lengths.  These fit inside the backbore of your tuba mouthpiece.  A tubist can use these when buzzing, when warming up, during practice, or at the concert.  Leave a Dyno inserted all the time, or use for special situations.  Each Dyno includes a rubber seal at the top, but you may use it without the seal for faster change out.


  • For mouthpieces with throat bore of 8.1mm (0.319") or larger.



  • CD-5 50mm
  • CD-4 40mm
  • CD-3 30mm
  • CD-2 20mm


The CD-5 is the longest Dyno, providing the strongest resistance and fastest response, and is the most accessible.  It is useful for both young players and experienced performers.  The CD-5 is available as a single item.

When using the Dyno, the response becomes much stronger, tonal center is more pronounced, legato becomes smoother and access to extended range is enhanced.  These are especially helpful with low register development.

When used with your instrument, the Dyno offers similar benefits when...

  • a sound with more overtones is desired
  • the performance takes place in a venue which covers the sound

Drop in a Chops Dyno to add the tonal presence which best suits the musical surroundings.  Also when...

  • the program includes a broad repertoire of compositions of different character.

Simply quick change to obtain the most appropriate sound using the regular mouthpiece.

For musicians moving from a smaller to a larger mouthpiece, beginning with CD-5 to keep the resistance when it belongs: at the point where the air meets the embouchure.  This keeps the throat open so the embouchure has a good air supply.  Thereafter, use the shorter Dynos which maintain the same beneficial function.

An added advantage with Chops Dynos is that delicate passages can be made more effective while easier to produce.

Chops Dynos are drop in and drop out.  The CD-5 is an ideal partner for warming up quietly and can even be used as a quick-change pocket mute.


Auf Deutsch:

Der Ansatzpfleger für Tuba

Doppelt anwenbar

Für Mundstücke mit Borung ab 8,1mm






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