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Robert Tucci AMH "Paul der Große" CC & BBb Tuba Mouthpiece


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This is a new tuba mouthpiece designed for CC tubas by Robert Tucci and
Andreas Martin Hofmeier.  Mr Hofmeier is one of the finest and most diverse artists of our times. He is Professor of Tuba at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, founding member of La Brass Banda, an Echo Classics Prize winner and Cabaret artist.

Together with Andreas Martin Hofmeir we present a new tuba mouthpiece, Model AMH for BBb or CC tuba, nicknamed "Paul der Große“.

From Robert Tucci...

The new mouthpiece for Andreas came about due to a limited amount of
popularity of the JK 1AA.  This "popularity" was found mostly with
amateurs. We as experienced professionals know that "the biggest is
not always the best." Andreas is an amazing tubist, a truly fine
musical artist and an interesting and successful entertainer.  Most of
the participants in his workshops are amateurs, most play the
BBb-tuba.  Bottom Line: he wanted a good mouthpiece to fit the
criteria.  I was a bit skeptical so we began working on the project.
Andreas, Eberhard Stockinger who is a former student mine and tubist
at the Staatstheater in Darmstadt, my engineer and yours truly.

FYI: the lower part of the cup and the transition into the throat is
similar to the PT-88. The upper part of the cup was widened to 33.7mm,
a compromise as compared to the 34.00mm diameter of the 1AA. The shell
is similar to the elegant one we have for the Canadian Brass Heritage
Series and the Arnold Jacobs Model, the bore is large at 8.50mm and
the "PRO" at 8.55mm.  The shank is standard Perantucci "L".  The
results, after variations during the engineering state, are very good.


- Cup Diameter: 33.7 mm
- Rim: 7.0 mm
- Throat bore: 8.50 mm
- quick response, great flexibility and excellent intonation
- finish: silver plated

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