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Pura Vida - Peter Ellefson, Summit Records


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Peter Ellefson, trombone, Kimberly Russ and Sarah Watkins, piano

Works by:
Brian Lynn - Doolallynastics (A Brief Torture for Unaccompanied Trombone)
Axel Jergensen - Romance, Op. 2 I
James Pugh - Concerto for Trombone
Johannes Brahms - Five Songs
Derek Bourgeois - Sonata for Trombone and Piano
Arthur Pryor - Variations on "The Blue Bells of Scotland"

"Peter Ellefson’ s debut recording featuring rarely recorded works by Derek Bourgeois, Jim Pugh and Brian Lynn. ‘Pura Vida’ also includes works by Brahms, Jergensen and Pryor. Ellefson is one of the busiest trombonists working today and this recording showcases both his acrobatic flair and sensitive musicality.

An orchestral veteran, Ellefson teaches at such prestigious universities as Indiana University and Northwestern University and regularly plays with such orchestra as the Chicago Symphony and New York Philharmonic. This CD has incredible virtuosic elements as well as simple, wonderful melodies!"
     -- Summit Records

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