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Marcus Bonna Soft Case for Bass Trombone


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This is a lightweight case made to fit most bass trombones with 9.5-10" bell.  Formed of fiberglass by Marcus Bonna in Brazil, this case is compact and also lightweight at only 8.0 lbs.  The padded cover can be sewn of nylon or leather in choice of colors.

Buy this case if you want small and light and like the bell and slide compartments separate from each other.

Made in a similar shape to the classic Reunion Blues trombone gig bags, this new case is an improvement.  The hand slide is stored in its own compartment, protected by a hard fiberglass door and soft foam and fabric.  The base of the case where the body of your trombone rests is also a fiberglass tray, which extends over the bell flare for protection.

The part of this case that is soft is the lid, the section between bell and slide.  This area is a heavy fabric and foam layer which creates a sung fit for your trombone body.  Without the trombone inside, you can squeeze the case about 1/2" thinner.  It's fairly stiff.

Yes, you can bang this case around a bit; your horn should be fine, there is a lot of fiberglass for strength and foam for cushioning. Just don't place heavy things on top of it.  Put this case on top of other cases.

Includes two small interior storage compartments, several accessories, movable foam blocks.

Instrument shown is a Bach 50AF3.

XL bell model fits up to 10.5" bell.

Part of this case can be replaced when the cover is worn, but it's not as efficient an upgrade as with the Bonna all-fiberglass cases.

Included: 2 backpack straps, mouthpiece pouch, luggage tag

Weight: 8.0 lbs, 3.6 kg

Size: 11 x 14.5 x 36", 28 x 37 x 91 cm


In stock in several variations, check the drop down menu above.  Custom colors can be had in 90 days or less.

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