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Marcus Bonna Double Case for 2 Tenor Trombones


Item Details

This is a lightweight fiberglass case designed to hold two tenor trombones.  It's made by Marcus Bonna in Brazil.  We stock these in black nylon, but they are available in an array of colors in both nylon or leather.  Custom colors are available by special order in 60-90 days.

The photos show Bach 42BOF and King 2B tenor trombones fitted in this case.  With the right arrangement of padding, two trombones with F-attachments will fit fine as well.  We tested a Yamaha Xeno 882OR and Getzen 4147IB Ian Bousfield together and there were no issues.

The nylon cover is easily removed if cleaning, repair, or replacement is necessary.  The fiberglass shell has padding on both its interior and exterior to reduce shock to your instruments.

Despite the large size and tough fiberglass construction, Mr. Bonna advises that these cases are designed to be used as hand luggage.  That does not mean you cannot check it as airline baggage, but that situation may be hard on your case and your instruments.  Detailed and thorough packing would be necessary to avoid injury to your horns.

Accessories included are:  should strap, backpack straps, double mouthpiece pouch, ID tag, extra foam blocks, exterior music folder pocket attached by zippers.

Weight: 13.9 lbs

Dimensions: 39.5x12x12"


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