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Marcus Bonna Alto Trombone Case: Screw Bell


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This diminutive fiberglass case holds the smallest of trombones if it has a detachable bell flare.  In your choice of colors from Marcus Bonna in Brazil.  No one will think you have anything but a violin in this case.  It's like moving one clef up in credibility.

Custom cases are delivered in about 90 days.

From MB Cases...

This model fits a detachable bell alto trombone with or without rotary.

Its design has a partition made of a very protective material in between the slide and bell. The velcro belt system guaranties that the slide is safely protected by the hard shell (fiberglass or carbon fiber).

The bell is positioned in the lid of the case with attachment supports and elastic belt making it easier to use on a daily basis.

The case has an inner bag for accessories fixed with snap closure, one pouch for 2 leadpipes and a sheet music bag with detachable zipper system.

MB case models have a system that is adaptable for different types of trombone. The EVA parts and cushions have velcro, so they can be adapted in order to fit most of instruments sizes properly.

The case includes:

    •    2 backpack straps
    •    1 mouthpiece pouch for one mouthpiece
    •    1 pouch for 2 leadpipes
    •    1 identification tag

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