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K&M 14110 Cello Stand for F Cimbasso

$155.00 $192.00

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The F cimbasso is one of those instruments you can't put down.  It's not because you love playing it, but because the shape is so odd that there's is never enough room anywhere.  This is especially true on stage or in the orchestra pit.

The K&M 14110 cello stand makes an excellent cimbasso stand.  You can gently bend the horizontal arms to fit your instrument. (Are two cimbassos ever the same?)  Your floor peg sits in a small cup at the bottom of the stand.  (Don't say that at home.)  Also it's fairly stable for such a large ungainly instrument.  The newest version of this stand has fewer parts for faster assembly. It folds compactly for travel, and being made in Germany, it should last you forever.  Replacement parts are readily available.

If you have a larger CC cimbasso, consider the K&M contrabassoon stand.

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