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K&M 107 Heavy Duty Folding Music Stand

$108.00 $135.00

Item Details

When looking to purchase a music stand, the gigging musician is usually faced with buying a cheap folding wire stand or a heavy orchestra stand.  The former is flimsy, and the latter does not travel easily.  Behold this 107 stand, made in Germany by K&M.  Though this looks like those wire stands, it is hardly related.  The K&M is made of heavy duty powder coated steel, and the base is the same as used on the K&M trombone stand.  The folding desk will not easily bend or deform, and you can consider this a lifetime purchase.  It's useful for the player who needs to place a well filled music folder on the stand.  It folds quickly and compactly for travel, and we have a carrying bag available separately.  It's weighty at 5.9 pounds, but it also allays your fears of a stand tipping over at an inopportune moment.  Parts are readily available.

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