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Josef Klier Exclusive Contrabass Trombone Mouthpiece

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Item Details

This is a fine set of contrabass trombone mouthpieces made by Josef Klier in Germany.  These are available in nine sizes plus some additional options.  I usually stock about 8 different models.  The most popular size is the 2A, 30.0mm wide, deep cup.  (2B is next most popular.)  The Kanstul and Ferguson contrabass trombone mouthpieces are similar to the 2A.

What's nice about the Klier Exclusive is that you can independently choose the cup width and cup depth, so there is certainly a size for you.  The size range is designed to excel in the lower tessitura of the contrabass trombone, and also match its resistance to the open blow of these larger instruments.

The standard shank on the Klier Exclusive Series, 12.5mm, is the same as bass trombone shank.  This shank size fits many F contrabass trombones including Kanstul, Haag and others.  Some European instruments and BBb instruments use a larger 12.9mm XL shank.  I usually stock the XL in 2A.

The unique outer shape of the Exclusive series is the result of numerous tests which had the aim of elaborating the optimum weight of the mouthpiece. The shape has established itself as a distinctive feature of the JK Exclusive series.

Sizes in bold print below are usually in stock.  Check the drop down menu above for available choices.  The 1C and 3A may be had by special order.  I didn't think many people would want the wide-medium 1C or the narrow-deep 3A.  But one never knows...

Other custom options include gold plate and Plexiglass rim.  In normal times most Josef Klier mouthpieces can be had in 30 days or so.

Nr. Outer Diameter mm
Rim Width mm Cup Diameter mm
Deep Medium Deep

Bore mm: 8.4 8.2 8.0
KBP 1 43.5 6.25 31.0 1A 1B 1C
KBP 2 42.5 6.25 30.0 2A 2B 2C
KBP 3 41.5 6.25 29.0 3A 3B 3C


Standard: Optional:
silver plate
gold plate
bass trombone 12.5 mm shank Plexiglass rim

XL 12.9 mm shank

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