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Giddings Stainless Steel Large Shank Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece

$200.00 $270.00

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Giddings trombone mouthpieces are made from stainless steel in Mississippi, USA.  Produced since 2000, the G&W line is used by many professional players worldwide. 


  • Exceptional responsiveness, with quicker, cleaner attacks and articulation.
  • Delivering more tone and impact to the audience.
  • Superior to brass for resisting scratches, dents, and corrosion.
  • Rich, pure tone with more core,  but with a brilliant sparkle when pushed.
  • Significantly better than gold or silver plating. Never needs re-plating.
  • A huge improvement over plating for people who are allergic to silver or gold plating.
  • Satin finish is similar to silver grip
  • Polished finish is very smooth, comfortable surface similar to gold.
  • Machined from 304 surgical stainless steel
  • Years of experience working with top level musicians throughout the world


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    Sonny Ausman





    You know the legendary LA sound, and now you can enjoy the benefits of stainless steel in a truly classic design based on a Bach NY 5G. Sonny asked us to make him a mouthpiece that would do everything his 5G did and more. This mouthpiece is for those players that want a pure sweet tone that is even throughout the register, with snappy response, and plenty of sound.







    Orchestral tenor trombone mouthpiece similar to Bach 5G rim diameter. The Euros has a focused sound, clean articulations, blends well and can cut when needed. With a slightly larger throat than a traditional Bach 5G the Euros has more room for dynamic contrast while retaining the beautiful upper overtones of the tenor trombone voice. Semi flat rim contour is great for endurance, and articulation.







    Similar in size to a Bach 5G as well however with a more open back bore and throat. Designed to project a thicker sound than the Euros, the Boreas produces a full, rich, and expansive sound. Easy to facilitate lip slurs, articulation, with fat tone and easy projection. The larger back bore allows for the huge dynamic contrast that many players need. Rim 1.008 and the throat is .283 in diameter, deep funnel shape cup. Boreas (Greek mythology) the god who personified the north wind; "Boreas was pictured as bearded and powerful.







    The Kadja is one of our most popular tenor trombone mouthpieces. Rim 1.012, and throat .295. This mouthpiece has a deep funnel shape cup. Designed to carry the largest of ensembles. Great mouthpiece for those who are looking a huge sound without loss of clarity and articulation. Kadja is a steady breeze off the sea in Bali.



    Actually I had been hoping some day, some one, would make a stainless steel mouthpiece, as I already knew of the stainless steel pleasures.  My father had a machinist friend make one for me in 1961 after my acidic body chemistry ate through every plating known to man. I loved the feel of the steel against my lips, but eventually I went to a different size - and back to brass.  The G&W is a dream come true. The super smooth feel is wonderful. The response is quicker than brass and the inner design of the piece helps focus the sound with razor sharp clarity while still producing a warm dark tone. Compared to my original Model-T the G&W is a Ferrari.

    Sonny Ausman
    Tenor Trombone

    Los Angeles Philharmonic


    I purchased a G&W mouthpiece at the International Trombone Festival in New Orleans.  I purchased the titanium mouthpiece after playing on a Stork 5S for years and I know that this is the best mouthpiece that I've ever played on. All aspects of my trombone playing (range, flexibility, articulations, endurance, etc.) are all much better than ever.   If any of my students want to change their mouthpiece, the G&W mouthpiece will be the first that I recommend.  There is no honeymoon period with this mouthpiece, it just keeps getting better.  You guys do great work and I would like to personally thank you for making such a great mouthpiece.

    Eddie Elsey
    Instructor, Low Brass
    University of North Alabama


    I received the Euros large shank tenor trombone mouthpiece yesterday. It is very different in response from any mouthpiece I have ever tried. All the comments on your website are completely true. The mouthpiece produces a richer sound immediately with easier articulations. The rim design is very comfortable and extremely smooth. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the mouthpiece is the response in the extreme high and low register. The clarity, resonance, and richness of sound in the upper register were truly impressive, with easy response at all dynamic levels. The mouthpiece responds extremely well with very little pressure on the embouchure. The rich overtones are extremely good. The low register and pedal tones were equally impressive, very open, resonant, rich and powerful. I have not encountered any other mouthpiece which displayed such response throughout all registers. The mouthpiece also looks sharp with the highly polished finish. Thank you for a terrific mouthpiece design.

    Scott Victor Smith

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