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Ferguson L-Series Tuba Mouthpiece

$200.00 $300.00

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Continuing our series of vintage replica brass mouthpieces, we've added a new L-Series for 2019.  These tuba mouthpieces are made in the style of classic Schilke and Scott Laskey designs.  All three share a 1.295" cup inside diameter, a weighty outside contour and a standard taper shank to fit most tubas.


  • Geib Style with medium depth well rounded cup shape, brilliant sound
  • .323" "P" Throat


  • Large size classic Helleberg style with deep conical funnel cup, improved version of H2
  • .323" "P" Throat


  • Same shape cup as the H model, but about 1/3 shallower
  • .312" throat


Available in silver plate or gold plate.  Made in USA.

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