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Ferguson H-Series Tuba Mouthpiece

$200.00 $300.00

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Continuing the Ferguson Vintage Replica mouthpiece series, we're thrilled that busy Los Angeles trombonist Ross DeRoche offered a classic Burt Herrick tuba mouthpiece for duplication, and we think this will be a popular size.  Geib-style bowl-shaped cup.

Specs coming soon.

From Trumpet Herald:

Burt Herrick worked for Calicchio in the early days and then went off on his own. Back in the day, Claude Gordon would have his mouthpieces made at Calicchio, and when Burt left to go on his own, Claude continued to get his mouthpiece work done by Burt. Back in his studio days, Claude was experimenting with different mouthpieces - they were usually Bach models that had the rims more rounded and then skeletonized, and the cups made more V-shaped. At one point he was playing on a modified 1 1/4C of this type - and nailing A's above High C's for his students on that setup. The mouthpiece that was marketed as the Benge "Gordon Model" (not the current "CG Personal") was based on a Herrick customized Bach 5C.

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