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Ferguson M-Series Contrabass Trombone Mouthpiece

$140.00 $200.00

Item Details

Our very own contrabass trombone mouthpiece, the 2A, is made for us in Utah by master mouthpiece maker James New. His CNC lathe work is beautiful and very accurate. Each mouthpiece in the Ferguson line of mouthpieces has a different outer shape and outer rim diameter for comfort and efficiency. The rims are rounder on the inner edge than most other brands, so they may feel wider than the dimensions indicate.

Our contrabass 2A mouthpiece is based on the cup of our favorite German style designs, with a heavier weight outer shape for less sizzle and more stability.  Features standard bass trombone shank to fit in these contras:  Haag, Kanstul, Rath, and maybe others.  This shank may be too small for other European contras such as Thein.  Cup diameter 30 mm (1.18"). deep cup, 8.4 mm (0.330") throat.

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