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Ferguson M-Series Bass Trombone Mouthpiece

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Our very own popular line of bass trombone mouthpieces are made for us in Utah by mast mouthpiece maker James New. His CNC lathe work is beautiful and very accurate. The first offering, the Jeff Reynolds, has been highly successful, and is now used by players all over the world. It is one of my top selling mouthpieces. Each mouthpiece in the Ferguson line has a different outer shape and outer rim diameter for comfort and efficiency. These rims are rounder on the inner edge than most other brands, so they may feel wider than the dimensions indicate. It may be best to just try them out. If you seek vintage designs with space age machining and quality control, this is the place to look.


Ferguson V

A bass trombone mouthpiece in a New York 1.5G size, V shaped cup, for players wanting a smaller, most efficient bass trombone mouthpiece but with a wide comfortable rim, based on my Minick V, cup diameter 27.4 mm.

Ferguson L
Based on the classic Minick L size bass trombone mouthpiece made around 1993-1994, as used by by many studio and symphonic players. This is a large 1 1/4G sized mouthpiece with a heavier blank and a wide comfortable rim. Phil Teeleplayed all the Minick L's we had between the two of us and picked the best one. This is it, 216 g, cup diameter 28.1 mm.

Ferguson LS
Based on the classic Minick LS size bass trombone mouthpiece, which is a larger almost Schilke 60 sized mouthpiece for players needing a big cup. .300" back bore is more efficient than others of this size, and the wide comfortable rim is easier on your face than thin rims on other large bass trombone mouthpieces. Slightly more V shaped cup than the Reynolds, larger throat, and slightly wider cup (about 0.5 mm wider) Heavier weight blank 216 g, cup diameter 29 mm.

Ferguson JR (Jeff Reynolds)
This is a replica of the mouthpiece used by Jeff Reynolds, bass trombonist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Larry Minick made the original, a one-off, on the request of Jeff. This mouthpiece is slightly wider than the famed Minick L, with similar dimensions elsewhere. It is sized between a Bach 1G and 1 1/4G, or between a Schilke 59 and 60. The blank is much larger than standard Bach style mouthpieces, allowing both a focused sound and a wide comfortable rim. The backbore is .290".  192 g, cup diameter 28.5 mm.


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