Newly arrived: Stainless steel trombone and tuba mouthpieces by Ivan Giddings

Ferguson B-Series Large Shank Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece

$140.00 $180.00

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The new Ferguson B-Series trombone mouthpieces for the strong symphonic player seeking projection, control and a nimble feel.  The rims are semi-flat with a defined inner edge as preferred by Denis Wick.  The rim shape allows the player to use less pressure and still feel.  Overall the cup diameter and cup volume is slightly larger than the classic Bach, designed for the modern symphonic era.

The mouthpiece throat is five thousandths larger than the traditional Bach, to allow more air and volume through today's more open trombones.  The outside contour is medium weight to more effectively transfer the player's energy through the horn and out into the hall.


  • 26.1mm cup diameter, deep cup, .281" throat
  • Similar to Bach 4G, Wick 4AL, Laskey 59D, Schilke 52D, Black 4G


  • 26.1mm cup diameter, medium deep cup, .281" throat
  • Similar to Wick 4BL, Laskey 59MD, Black 4G-5G


  • 25.8 mm cup diameter, medium deep cup, .281" throat
  • Similar to Bach 5G, Wick 5AL, Schilke 51, Laskey 57MD, Black 5G


In silver or gold plate, made in USA.


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