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Faxx Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece

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These are well made replicas of some classic trombone mouthpieces, made in Germany by Lausman.  Offered in several popular sizes for tenor trombone, these should satisfy players seeking a first mouthpiece.  Some teachers recommend these for their students because a new player will find that one or another brand of the same size is sufficient.  Teachers know when they recommend a Faxx mouthpiece, their students can get the right size for half the price of some premier brands. 

Includes Superslick mouthpiece pouch.

New:  51D - like Schilke




Cup Diameter

Cup Depth


6 1/2AL


Medium Deep


Medium wide well rounded rim, medium deep size with comfortable rim suits many styles from commercial to classical, traditional symphonic size. This is a great first mouthpiece to own when a player has outgrown the smaller 12C size. This will allow a broader, more sonorous tone on a small bore trombone, promoting a better blend in concert bands and orchestras.




Medium Shallow


Medium wide rim, not too sharp, designed for players who prefer a medium large cup to assure a large volume of tone, rather shallow cup promotes a brilliant sound, popular medium size commercial mouthpiece. Useful for alto trombone.






Medium wide rim, popular mouthpiece for beginners and also with lead players, also for alto trombone.


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