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Faxx Compact Practice Mute for Trombone

$45.00 $60.00

Item Details

This little aluminum mute is made in the USA and allows any tenor trombone player to practice without disturbing others.  The mute is made in the style of the Best Brass mutes from Japan.  The Faxx is similar in size, a bit less detailed in finish, but does sport a nice polished exterior.  With its thicker pads, the Faxx blows a bit louder than the Best Brass, but is otherwise similar.  One benefit to all these small practice mutes is that they store inside the bell of your horn inside the case.  The mute pushes the bell away from the case end a little bit, thus helping to prevent a bent bell rim from a horn shifting during travel.  By holding the horn from the stronger bell throat, the mute helps stabilize your instrument and prevent damage.  And there's one less item in your mute bag.  Resistance is minor, weight is minimal, pitch variation is minimal, and volume is slightly louder than a Best Brass, but still not enough to disturb others.  The mute plays a bit louder than even a Denis Wick Travel Mute, but is a little less centered in the low range.  The low price is welcome, and it's a decent player.

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