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Faxx Compact Practice Mute for Horn

$50.00 $72.00

Item Details

This diminutive mute allows very soft practicing without the encumberence of too much resistance, weight, or pitch variation.  In addition, the mute will travel inside the bell of a fixed bell horn inside the case.  Protection of your horn is increased during travel, as the mute holds the bell flare a little bit away from the edge of the case and supports the horn from the stronger bell throat where the mute pads rest.  This is made in the style of the Best Brass mutes from Japan.  These Faxx mutes are made in the USA and are a bit less expensive, though the finish is not quite as detailed as the Best Brass.  These do have a nice polished finish.  The Faxx pads seem to be thicker, making this mute a bit louder than the Best Brass.  We think no one will be disturbed - they are fairly quiet.  This is the perfect accessory for the midnight owl musician who needs to practice at all hours.

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