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Eazy Bucket Mute for Tenor Trombone

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The Eazy Bucket Mute concept was developed by trombonist Mahlon Collins.  It's made in the style of the classic Jerry Finch mutes.  It sounds great and is very quick to install and remove.  The plastic body has some flex to gently grip the bell rim.  Installation is Eazy: just slide the mute down onto the bell rim.  The molded hooks will gently hold the mute in place.  The sound matches the traditional bucket mutes, but you get a bit of reflection to more easily hear what you're playing.  The newest version of the Eazy Bucket mutes uses an improved plastic that should be very sturdy with little risk of clip breakage.  We do recommend you store the Eazy Bucket in a rigid plastic container rather than just tossing it into your mute bag, then tossing your trombone stand on top of it.  Check your local dollar store for a clear plastic food storage container.


  • For King 2B with 7.375" bell, use 7.5" Eazy Bucket (7.5" is not too loose)
  • For Getzen with 7.75" bell, use 8" Eazy Bucket
  • For Yamaha Xeno trombones with 8.6" bell, used 8.5" Eazy Bucket
  • If an Eazy Bucket fits loosely, you can add some felt padding inside the clips to tighten things up.  Find this at a hardware store.


  •     Unique attachment for a quick Eazy ON and Eazy OFF
  •     Finger hook for Eazy control
  •     High quality traditional Bucket Mute Sound
  •     Great section work blend
  •     Sturdy and light weight
  •     Available in 7", 7.5", 8" and 8.5" sizes

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