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Custom Conn 88H Trombone by Larry Minick


Item Details

This is a used Conn 88H tenor trombone as rebuilt by Larry Minick in California. 


Outfit includes a complete trombone with case, additional hand slide, convertible straight neckpipe and balance weight, and accessory bag.

Larry Minick fabricated the...

  • press-in leadpipe
  • trigger linkage
  • F-attachment loop
  • straight neckpipe
  • uber-balance weight
  • removable bell hardware
  • tuning slide bow guard


The Conn components come from a "Conn Artist Symphony USA"  88H.  The bell is 8.5" red brass, fairly weighty, and has a small diameter bell rim which is soldered.  The entire horn is lacquered except for the bell which has faded to a natural patina.

The original and new Conn hand slides are back from a tune-up from John Sandhagen and theiraction is very good.  Some plating loss appears at stockings of the older slide but the tubes have been turned and polished and it doesn't seem to affect the action much.  It has very good action for an older model.  Original setup with cork barrel springs.  The more modern slide, also by Conn, model SL4762: dual bore lightweight with 3 threaded leadpipes has excellent action and perfect chrome plating.  It could use one more felt washer inside the top cork barrel, I don't have any right now.

Just had the rotor tightened.  The linkage is tight, quiet and efficient.  The trick to these Minick nylon sockets is to put some cotton inside to take up the extra space.  A small piece from the end of a Q-tip will do it.

The original Conn case is fine, its cover is showing some age, but that's what covers are for.  Includes small bag for F-attachment or neckpipe.  Add your own large shank trombone mouthpiece.

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