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Best Brass E-Brass IV Mute for Trumpet


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From Best Brass in Japan, this diminutive practice mute for trumpet amplifies your sound to play through the included earphones.  Designed by Kota Hamanaga, the E-Brass hides its stealth microphone and all electronics inside the mute itself.  Line in, line out, change the reverb, adjust the volume - you can do it all.  Powered by your two AAA batteries, it's your personal studio.  Tune-in, tune-out, connect...

The E-Brass stores inside your bell for compact travel in many cases.  It may be too long for some tighter setups, but Bonna, Protec, and Cronkhite cases should all let you travel safely and compactly with horn and mute.

Be aware that long term storage of the E-Brass mute inside your bell is not recommended due to the damp environment close to the electronics.  Instead, we recommended airing things out after your return home.

Best Brass also offers several acoustic-only trumpet practice mutes:  the Warm-Up Jr., which is the shell of this E-Brass but empty; the Warm-Up, which is aluminum and slightly more resonant; and the Nano Mute which fits in most Harmon-style wa-wa mutes with the stem removed.

The E-Brass fits most Bb and C trumpets.

From Kota...

E-Brass reduces instrument output to a whisper, lowering volume approximately -30dB to -35dB. With its amazing quietness, you don't have to worry about disturbing the neighbors and also can enjoy playing the instrument without feeling self-conscious about other people listening. Using the e-Brass is just like playing in a completely portable and personal studio where nobody can bother you.(*)
* Even so, please be conscious of your circumstances...

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