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Another Time, Another Place: The Music of Benny Carter - Ira Nepus, Jazz Media


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"Another Time, Another Place" is the first Benny Carter tribute album to be recorded since his passing in July 2003. While remaining true to Benny's signature style of melodic and flowing solos, the album presents a fresh, new look at his music through a vibrant blend of trombone and guitar. Ira and Steve are joined by special guests including Jeff Hamilton, John Clayton, and Jeff Clayton.


"A gifted trombonist, Ira Nepus performed with Benny's ensemble for many years and continues to be a special friend of the Carter family. In fact, the relationship began even before Ira was born- when his father co-founded the Hot Club of France and became good friends with Benny in the 1930's.

Steve Moore is a talented guitarist and music producer. His lyrical and melodic playing style keeps him in demand on the Los Angeles music scene as a jazz artist and an accompanist to major stars.

With inspiration from the great Benny Carter, Ira and Steve have created a remarkable musical journey.

The musical empathy between Ira Nepus and Steve Moore comes through clearly on every track, with the unusual trombone/guitar front line blending beautifully. The well-chosen repertoire includes real Carter gems from the 1930's through the 1980's.

Ira, Steve, and company have created a fitting tribute to Benny Carter's legacy. Benny's music couldn't be in better hands."

-- Ed Berger, Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University, Co-author of Benny Carter: A Life in American Music (Scarecrow Press)


  • The Romp
  • Hello - Listen to clip
  • When Lights Are Low
  • South Side Samba
  • Rock Me To Sleep
  • The Courtship
  • I'm In The Mood For Swing
  • People Time
  • Easy Money
  • Only Trust Your Heart
  • Another Time, Another Place
  • Doozy
  • All That Jazz


  • Jeff Clayton
  • John Clayton
  • Luis Conte
  • Jeff Hamilton
  • Tamir Hendelman
  • Brian Kilgore
  • Bruce Lett
  • Jack LeCompte
  • Patrick Moore
  • Steve Moore
  • Ira Nepus
  • Sid Page
  • Michael Rosen
  • Geoff Stradling
  • Granville "Danny" Young

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