Newly arrived: Stainless steel trombone and tuba mouthpieces by Ivan Giddings

Alexander 403 Double Horn


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This new design from Alexander is similar to the classic 103, but the change valve is moved to the back of the horn to allow a longer leadpipe and a different balance point. In addition, the valves all rotate the same direction to the airstream, similar to the Paxman Merewether system.  This should reduce turbulence slightly.

This horn is all yellow brass, lacquered, M bell, screw flare, miniball linkages, with hand hammered body and seamed bell flare.

This one splits the difference between the 103 with standard body and the 103 with hand hammered body.  It's light and malleable but still fairly mellow due to the longer pipe.

Sold without case, includes mouthpiece, leather guard and care kit.

  • Bore: 12.1 mm
  • Bell: 310 mm
  • Stands in Bb or F

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