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Getzen & Edwards Trombone Leadpipes


Item Details

These are replacement leadpipes made to fit Getzen Eterna and Custom Series trombones and also Edwards trombones.  The leadpipe is the tapered tube into which the mouthpiece fits, and most professional model Getzen trombones include a set of three.  These may press into other instruments as well.  Please contact us directly if you seek something specific.

Leadpipes are made of yellow brass tubing with a nickel threaded ring.  They are available for three different size hand slide bores:

  • .500" for Getzen 3508, Edwards T302
  • .547" for Getzen 3047, Edwards T350
  • .562" for Getzen 1052, 1062, 3062, Edwards B454


Precision drawn to exact specifications, Getzen leapipes surpass the industry standard. By making the leadpipes interchangeable they allow the player to tailor the instruments response and feel to the individual's mouthpiece.  Leadpipes come in three sizes, the main difference being the diameter at the venturi, which is the narrowest point. To tell which one you have, look at the nut at the top of the leadpipe. The number of grooves notes the leadpipe:

  • One Groove   +  Two Ridges   =  1  (small)
  • Two Grooves + Three Ridges  =  2  (medium)
  • Three Grooves + Four Ridges =  3  (large)


The closeup image above shows a 3.

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