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SKB 4816W Wheeled Road Case for F Contrabass Trombone


Item Details

This is a lightweight molded travel case approximately 13x15x48". It has replaceable TSA launches and dual handles and integrated wheels. All parts can be purchased from SKB. Most people use this for transporting drum stands and microphone stands but it also works well for an F contrabass trombone.  A trombone packed in either a Cronkite case or a European soft case will fit fine.  Three interior tie-down straps.  Shown in the photos is the soft case as included with Jurgen Voigt trombones.  Confession: the soft case is about 1cm too tall.  But it compresses and the SKB shell stretches, and they get acquainted and it works, giving you a very safe and snug fit for travel.  We customized the pictured road case with some cloth covered foam blocks, but a bare case is fine, just add your own packing material.

With this case your horn will be safe for heavy air and train travel, then when you arrive simply use the gig bag for a lightweight local setup.

Lifetime guarantee.

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