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Marcus Bonna Bass Trombone Case


Item Details

This is a lightweight fiberglass case designed to fit most bass trombones, now available in 3 sizes:

1. Standard model, fits most traditional American style double valve bass trombones with rotary valves and 9.5" bell: 62H, 50B2, 7B etc.

2. Modelo F model, about 1cm wider, allows a better fit for more modern bass trombones with wide valve wraps like S.E. Shires, Edwards, Bach 50AF3, Greenhoe.  This case is our best seller.  If you're not sure, order this.

3. XL model for bells 10"-10.5" bell.

These cases are made by Marcus Bonna in Brazil, and these are considered one of the premier cases available today.  The fiberglass shell is tough to handle most impacts.  Each component of the horn straps in tightly to prevent movement and altercations.  The interior is covered with a soft velour style fabric, and several foam pads attach with hook and loop material.  The pads can be moved around to customize the fit to your instrument.  The outside cover is nylon, and features a zipper closure, a large outside pocket, side and end handles, and attachment points for backpack straps, which are included.  The cover is easily removed if cleaning, repair, or replacement is ever needed. 

This case should fit nearly any bass trombone with a few exceptions:  Shires or Edwards trombones with stacked (dependent) axial rotors do not fit well.  Instruments with a hand rest like those used on contrabass trombones may not fit well.  We haven't tried the stacked axial rotors in the new Modelo F case yet, so we don't know how well it might fit.

For bells larger than 9.5", we recommend the XL model of this case, which is the same price.  Ten inch bell trombones may fit well in this standard size bass trombone case, but the fit is fairly tight.

Dimensions: 36.5 x 14 x 11", 28 x 36 x 93 cm

Weight: 9 lbs 8 oz. (nylon), 4.3 kg

Several photos show a case with a removable music pocket.  These can be had by special order, adding about $30.

Compared to the Marcus Bonna tenor trombone case, this bass trombone case has slightly more girth to fit the larger bass trombone body.  It's also shorter, since the tenor case fits a straight mute and the bass case does not.  For that reason, a few players have found that this case is an excellent do-all trombone case because of its fairly compact size.  Any size tenor trombone can fit perfectly inside - just tighten the strap a bit more for a secure fit.  If you play several different size trombones, you may be able to use this case for any of them depending on the gig at hand.

We stock these cases in black nylon and sometimes leather.  If you'd like to order another color, please choose a reservation option on this page and we'll make a reservation for you on our next shipment.  Leather exterior is also available.  It adds a small amount of weight and a good amount of style. 

Nylon colors available include black, grey, brown, tan, light and dark green, light and dark blue, burgundy, red, orange, yellow.  Leather choices include most of the above.

This case is slightly large to use as carry-on luggage for air travel, but Mr. Bonna  recommends that his cases be considered hand luggage rather than checked luggage.  The situation leaves the working bass trombonist at somewhat of a loss, so your negotiating skills at the airport will help you there.  If you must check this case, pack it well with extra material inside to prevent the components from moving or coming into contact with each other.  We recommend the Best Brass Warm-Up Mute, which will fit inside the bell in the case to help prevent the bell flare from impacting the case end no matter how hard the baggage handlers may drop it.  The mute helps support the horn by the thicker bell throat rather than the thinner and fragile bell rim.


NEW - Modelo F

This case offers a wider backside/spine to fit larger and more modern bass trombones that have larger tuning slide and valve sections. It also gives extra space between the bell and slide.  Buy this case for Shires, Edwards, Bach 50AF, etc.  Most folks buy this model case.  It's about 1cm larger than the standard case.

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